Check Out Some Wicked Websites Below!

Some of my favorite designs from through my over 20 years web designing.  

Undead Angels: 2013 original site may look similar to the current site, but was on a less current/customizable wordpress theme.

Revamped 2021

Insanity In Sound: 2008 was an artistic portal site to several websites honoring my three past bands and audio projects like The Death Dealer Trilogy.

Currently Offline

Vlad The Inhaler Tribute: 2007 was a tribute to my band which was disbanded that had some cool Dhtml effect menus and flash video. Mostly built in Dreamweaver.

Merged & Revamped 11/2021

Archived Here

Vlad The Enforcer: 2014 is my artist profile website which also portals to all my websites at the time it was created.

Soft Revamped 12/2021

Jeff & Caglar Album: 2011

This site is hidden and shared with family and friends. It’s a basic album/gallery of photos from my wedding and related events. Gallery feature was coded in Photoshop!

Zombie Cat Creations: 2004 was a website done for a good freind who had some great art he did and made it available on stickers and shirts.

Offline / Archived Here

Gladiators Of Pain: 2007 is a tribute website to my first official band in high school. Some cool dhtml image swap effects and band photo galleries.

Revamp Coming At Some Point

Vlads Mystical Minstrels: 2008 was a tribute site to my bar band  which played popular classic and current rock songs, but heavier. The band eventually merged with my prior band Vlad The Inhaler.

Currently Offline

Vlad The Inhaler: 2012

In 2010 the band reformed with a new guitarist. A new was created for the current lineup.  The prior mentioned 2007 site about the band’s history was moved but stayed online. 

Merged & Revamped 11/2021

Archived Here

Vlad The Inhaler: 2016

In 2016 a new was created for the a new current lineup and album release. And because the prior used WordPress theme was no longer supported.

Merged & Revamped 11/2021

Archived Here

Enforcer Web Solutions: 2016 is a more corporate services site due for a final revamp as a portfolio site of past web-design work. It is being replaced by the site you are viewing Ghastly Wicked Wed & Grafix  Studio.

Retired / Archived Here

Beechwood Vet Hospital: 2017

Sample website showcasing a full service veterinary hospital website. Showcasing simple site including rotating slider, pet adoptions page, blog and more.

Offline / Archived Here

Enforcer Webdesign: 2006 2006 version was coded completely in Macromedia Flash. Very cool functionality but a pain in the ass to edit. Also showcasing some 3D character design I had started.

Revamped 2011

Enforcer Webdesign: 2011 2011 took a more professional look featuring new branding,  and social media features Also showcasing several certifications I had earned in social media, graphics, and web design.

Revamped 2016 / Archived Here

Dracul Collectibles: 2012 was a ecommerce store built on ZenCart, and  specializing in action figures and other collectibles that are no longer being made. Star Wars, McFarlane, Wrestling, and more.

Currently Offline

Dracul Collectibles: 2016

This version of store was  built on WooCommerce and WordPress.

Currently Offline

The Law Office: 2017

Sample website showcasing a full service lawyer website. Showcased a functional online appointment scheduler, map and more.

Offline / Archived Here

Home Buyers Club: 2017

Sample website showcasing a full service real estate website. THe functionality on this site and how it works is rather impressive. Of course I am not going to explain that all here!

Your Special Day Evermore: 2015 was a site showcasing event videography done by my wife and I. We shot, edited and DVD authored wedding of several cultures, quinceaneras, and more!

Currently Offline

Medical Associates: 2017

Sample website showcasing a full service doctor’s / medical website. Showcased a functional online appointment scheduler, interactive blog, and more.

Offline / Archived Here

Jeff Mason Resume Site: 2016 was a cool little resume website which also had a portfolio section. Much better than Linked-In!

Currently Offline

Undead Angels &
Ghastly Wicked Tales: 2021 showcases my character art based on vampires, zombies, fairy tales and classic monsters.

Vlad The Inhaler
Band Website: 2021 is my band’s website’s latest revamp done in 11/2021. Wicked design features like music showcasing on site.

Enforcer Graphic Design
Portfolio: 2016 is a great little portfolio site of past work done for clients. Some wicked work but again, “censored”.