Zombie Cat Creations Website Archive!

When a close friend of mine Brian Stretton decided to take his canvas paintings and make them available as shirts and prints, I offered to do the website for him at a VERY discounted rate. I believed in his art, thought it would be fun, as well as good experience since it required a small online store. Which at the time was a much larger task then it is today. 

We worked together on the site concept and I quickly got the main website up, and shortly after got the online store operational using oscommerce. I continued perfecting the store for several months as I also started working on two online stores of my own.

Unfortunately after a few years, vulnerabilities in the oscommerce platform were exploited by overseas hackers, and all my websites were entered and affected. I quickly was able to reupload most of my sites including Brian’s Zombie Cat main site. But I no longer had faith in the oscommerce platform and needed to find a new ecommerce solution. 

As all that was happening, my friend purchased the comic book shop Amazing Stories in Red Bank, and was in the midst of changing the name to The Comic Crypt. As we discussed working together on the website for The Comic Crypt as well as a new Zombie Cat shopping solution, a patron to the comic shop offered to do the whole thing for free. The new “webmaster” move my work to his server, but never finished the shopping cart for Zombiecat Creations, or anything at all for The Comic Crypt, and the site faded away eventually just coming offline.

Now seen again after over 10 years, here is the archived site!

Home Page

Original homepage set up the look of the site with the brick background and the Zombie Cat Creations logo.

Homepage 2

The original homepage was updated to include The Comic Crypt logo after Brian started working on changing the name of the comic shop, and we planned on the new sites that never happened. 

T-Shirts Available

Linked to each specific design and style shirt on the oscommerce store.

Available Art

The paintings linked to each art pieces page which listed and linked to what product were available.

Coming Soon

Finished art pieces  that were soon going to be released on shirts, prints, etc. Wave 2 so to speak.

Sketch Book Page

Email Zombie Cat Link Page