Brief Visual Artistic Background

I have been designing and coding websites since learning actual html back in 1999, and started doing graphic design right after. Although always having a flair for the artistic side, for the past 20 years I tried to walk the line between artistic and conservative under the name Enforcer Webdesign. Enforcer Webdesign tried to cater to the mainstream in an attempt to get the corporate paying clients, while trying to keep a slight hint of that artistic side. 

In 2013 I started designing shirts, that I would personally want to buy, which led to character design that I personally liked. While having more fun with that I created some really cool art and side brands/lines based on my own interests. But they always were left off my Enforcer Webdesign client seeking portfolios, so as to not scare away the professional clients. But not anymore, time for a truly wicked design site showcasing ALL my talent and art.

I hope you enjoy! But if you don’t, hey at least I did!

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