Tee Shirt & Apparel  Design And Shop Set-Up! 

I can design your custom apparel with you as a 3d rendered character in my style, or if you portray one of my characters through photography. Also I can do your logo or whatever your promotional or other design needs. 

After that we need to sell your shirt. I can set up a shirt shop for you on one of the platforms I have been using for over six years. That way you sell on all the different apparel types you want to sell on, in your own custom shop. We can even let customers customize the designs and apparel in your shop!

If you want a big customer base fast, I can put your promotional tee shirt on Amazon utilizing my own shirt selling account as long as it doesn’t violate any of their many TOS.

(Getting your own account for selling shirts on Amazon is a long and strict process.)

These shops are also an all inclusive solution in that they print the apparel for you on demand, so you don’t need to carry tons on overhead stock! Als