Beechwood Veterinary Hospital Website Archive!

In 2017 I created several sample websites for specific business types. Too many times while looking for full time web development work,  I had to deal with these idiotic recruiters who seem to think if you haven’t done websites of a specific business type/profession, that you can’t apply the same skills you used elsewhere to that profession. It’s all coded the same…… Why the segregation…..

This sample website showcased a veterinary hospital website. Unfortunately the theme used was not updated by the theme developer to be supported with the newest version of php. While I liked the site, and could recreate it with my current preferred theme and skills, It’s not worth the trouble at this time to make sample websites. I could leave it up with old php, but that’s just irresponsible. 

Home Page

Meet The Team Page

Adoptable Pets Page

Pet Speak Blog

Active Blog visitors could comment on and business owners can enter blogs without webdesigner if they so choose.

Contact Form Page

Contact form goes directly to business owner’s email.